We have identified a number of strategic opportunities that Republic will face over the next 20 years.  Identifying these opportunities gives us something to focus on and prepare for.  By seizing these opportunities, we believe that Republic will advance far beyond expectations.

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Republic is growing and it’s going to continue to grow. We aren’t just growing larger, we are growing stronger, smarter, and better in so many ways. We are not growing for
the sake of growth. Our growth is a means to an end. Our growth is an opportunity to leverage our increasing size to achieve other objectives. As our market grows
with us, we will attract new and diverse assets to our community. Doing this will allow us to achieve an economy of scale that makes all the work we do more efficient.


Republic is only as strong as its relationships. This is true inside our community as well as outside of it. Forming strong, healthy and productive partnerships is critical to ensuring that we achieve desired outcomes and fully realize our potential. Republic has an opportunity to build on these strong relationships to ensure
investments are made in a coordinated fashion, maximizing gains and reducing risk for everyone. Major expansionary investments require a truly comprehensive effort .


Trust, not money, is the currency of government and business. Without trust there can be no economic activity. Republic has an opportunity to build a secure and attractive marketplace for development through processes, relationships and trust. Economic
development is filled with tricks and gimmicks designed to lure  new business, but only trust
can attract quality investment. Professionalism, reliability, and honesty facilitate market conditions conducive to investment that will endure long after the incentives expire.


One of Republic’s greatest advantages is our location at the convergence of several major
regional and interstate transportation facilities. Close proximity to Interstate 44, James River Freeway, Republic Rd., and the Springfield-Branson National Airport present an
opportunity for Republic to be a community where you can really go anywhere you want to go from everywhere in our city. Protecting and enhancing this important access to and through Republic is one of the most valuable opportunities we will see for many decades.


The foundations of our community are strong. Republic enjoys a wealth of existing assets that contain untapped potential. Understanding the assets that comprise our foundation and strategically leveraging them allows us to recapitalize that infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Knowing what we do well and where our strengths lie will position us to seize opportunities efficiently.


In 2019, Republic has access to more and better information than ever before. Not only that, but our capacity to access and organize this information is increasing all the time. This information is powerful data that is not only useful for our community, but for a variety of regional partners and business prospects. The value of our community and our market is high, but we cannot fully realize that potential unless we communicate that value to others. Collecting important data
and sharing that data openly in the marketplace creates advantages for everyone.


One of our greatest advantages is Republic’s transportation network and it presents an opportunity for our residents and our businesses. Expanding and enhancing access to and through our community also expands the reach of our retail and service trade areas to encompass a larger customer base. As we increase access for more people around Republic, we also increase the market size for local and regional businesses.


Planning is a process, not an outcome. Republic has an opportunity to reshape the way
it plans for land use and capital investments in infrastructure. Seizing this opportunity
will require a strategic approach to making decisions that ensures they are made at the
appropriate time and by the appropriate people. Involving the people and organizations
who have the best information and the most relevant interests is critical to success.


Republic adopted planning and zoning in 1968. Over 50 years later, we are still largely relying
on the same principles and procedures to conduct planning and zoning in an economy that
is vastly more complex and more sophisticated than the type of marketplace for which those
regulations are designed. We have an opportunity to reshape our regulations to deliver
public benefits more effectively and in a way that better suits a modern economy. By focusing on regulation that is proven to  effectively deliver the most important outcomes, we can eliminate costly distractions and facilitate improved security and market performance.